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ICFA 2021 Cohort

By 15th. October 2021No Comments

We are delighted to present to you the ICFA 2021 Cohort, composed of five high-impact fund managers offering innovative solutions to climate change ranging from renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and nature-based solutions in Latin America, to climate tech in Europe and building the climate resilience of smallholder farming in Pakistan:

  • Natural Strategies’ Nature 4 Climate Fund will invest globally in sustainable commodities, sustainable food tech, and rewilding and ecosystem restoration, with the aim of creating an asset class that directly invests in nature conservation and sustainable land use, while achieving climate objectives.
  • Evenpar’s Project Development Fund will invest through Special Purpose Vehicles that deploy proven and efficient EU waste processing technology to process low value available waste feedstock into high value clean energy in East Africa, thereby offering a solution to rapidly increasing energy demands in the region.
  • Satgana’s Fund 1 leverages the proven success of the Venture Studio model by investing in the launch of 25 climate-positive start-ups globally from the founding stage through to pre-seed & seed stages, with a focus on gender lens investing.
  • Gaia’s Africa Climate Fund will acquire secondary equity interests with the mission to catalyse a clean energy project development cycle, with the ultimate goal to crowd in more investors at all stages of the funding ecosystem, thereby providing widespread access to clean energy to fuel a vibrant and sustainable growing African economy.
  • Acumen’s Pakistan Agriculture Resilience Climate Action Fund (2021 Cohort Ambassador) is Pakistan’s first climate-focused investment fund that aims at increasing adaptation capacity in Pakistan’s increasingly vulnerable, yet critical agriculture sector, thereby building climate resilience for smallholder farmers.

Congratulations to the winners! We are very much looking forward to working together!